Harvard Law School will no longer require the LSAT for admission

We know that as long as 70 years, LSAT has been compulsory for people who want to learn the law. But now, that is not the case anymore because the dominant things are changing. This test was specifically designed to gauge student’s abilities. The change in the procedure of admissions and Harvard is significant and is a strategy devised by Harvard in order to expand the access to a broader category of students. There are a good amount of students who consider graduate as well as Law School, and the GRE exam is offered in most of the places worldwide which will make it less expensive for a good amount of students.

harvard law school

This decision by Harvard was announced in the second week of March before the American Bar Association modified the rule which will allow tests that are other than LSAT. Now that the students have a broader option, a good amount of competition is going to rise up. The University of Arizona College of Law is the first one to allow students to apply using their GRE scores rather than the LSAT ones. This is one of the most exciting news which the students have heard recently.

There are a good amount of schools which have been struggling with different kinds of applications and the quality of applicants as well. There are other schools that do not need LSAT exams or Prepare themselves with Lsat Prep Books and all they want to do is increase their base number of consumers. This is not applied when it comes to her word.

Struggles for Law Schools

There were a good amount of struggles faced by Law schools recently because of the job prospects which were threatened. There is a decrease in the applications of law students and it is as high as 1.5% when compared to the previous years. Harvard had an increase in applicants by 5%. This data was provided by the dean for admissions and strategic initiatives Jessica Soban.

She said, that regardless of the applicants they had, this was for making sure that they got the most qualified candidates who considered them and they have been pretty straight forward to the public about this message. More than 17 % of the first-year class is made up of international students and it was This led to the decision of GRE rather than LSAT so that students got broader access to the college.

Dean Martha Minow said that the Harvard Law School wants to eliminate as many barriers as possible so that they can simultaneously search for talented candidates for law and leadership. There are a good amount of students who cannot afford to pay for GRE as well as LSAT and they want to solve this. The college would love to diversify their community was different kinds of academic background, Origin as well as different financial circumstances.

Law is a need for students with backgrounds in Science, Technology, Engineering as well as mathematics. For all of the following students, GRE is acceptable and familiar and using the same for or reaching candidates is one of the best things they have done. If the school makes broader efforts in order to make everything more flexible and accessible, such as comma no requirements for deposits for the students who are accepted and using Skype for interviews, this will encourage the students to apply.

The LSAT exam is only available a few times in a year but the GRE is available more frequently.


Harvard, as well as a good amount of other colleges, are considering working with American Bar Association in order to find the best ways to encourage the students so that they can enter the legal profession. This is one of the best initiatives ever taken and this will surely have a good impact on the future of law.…

The Harmony Silk Factory – Review

The Harmony Silk FactoryThis three-part novel, set in Malaysia , is an intriguing story – containing elements of family saga, gangster underworld and whodunit. The first part tells the story through the eyes of the son, part two is the mother’s diary and part three is the reminiscence of an Englishman resident in Malaysia for most of his life. Each person tells the story of Johnny Lim – father, husband and friend.

Johnny’s early life is spent in the Kinta Valley as a nobody drifting from town to town. Eventually he is employed in a textile shop which ultimately leads to him meeting the beautiful Snow Soong, daughter of the valley’s wealthiest man.

In 1940 they travel, on a belated honeymoon, in the company of a strange mix of men – two Englishmen and a Japanese professor – to the legendary Seven Maiden Islands . One of these men is aesthete Peter Wormwood who is fascinated by Snow.

This is a compelling novel that works on many levels. The author provides an insight into the situation of the Chinese in Malaysia and the dilemmas facing a population about to be overrun by another nation. The Harmony Silk Factory is also a powerful love story.

Stephanie Mortimore…